Reed is stable for the WGC-Mexico Championship title

Reed is stable for the WGC-Mexico Championship title, Then there was Patrick Reid, who was wearing a head-to-toe and with a series of handcuffs away from the tea, he quietly made his way around the Club de Golf Chapelpack. He lost the fairways, he lost the vegetables, but he never missed a thing with his grandson when he talked most of the time.

Reid said of his last nine runs, “The hole is getting a little bigger,” which he did to control by breaking one of the 10 straight pars with birdies in the 12th, 15th, 16th, and 17th holes. Seen

Reed is stable for the WGC-Mexico Championship title
Reed is stable for the WGC-Mexico Championship title

It didn’t even matter if someone was sleeping on his back and he sprayed his T-shot into the trees at 18. Boogie made the winning margin only with Burson de Chimbio (65), and three Raheem (67), and one from the South. Excellent result.

“He merits it,” said De Cambio, who played in the gathering before Red and got back to the eighteenth green to compliment the champ.”He quarreled actively and eventually beat me.”

No. 1 McLarey battled on the Greens and scored 68 races to arrive at the independent fifth, his fifth top-five last this season, and was anticipating seven days off. FedEx and 54-hole leader Thomas suddenly went wrong and tied for sixth with Tyrell Hutton (68) for 73 runs.

Reed is stable for the WGC-Mexico Championship title

There was no question about how Reid won it, as he only needed 98 pits for the week and crushed the field in Strokes Gand: Putting (+11.824). This was his eighth Tour win and his second WGC triumph since he likewise won the occasion when he contended in Doral (2014).

“I felt like I had to prove myself to come this week,” said Reid, who lost a play-off at the Champions Centenary tournament last month, because I feel like I’m playing solid golf and I’m just a refugee. There was not enough success on this hump to get. ” He said his goal was to win before the master’s tournament.

Reid had an aggregate of 45 one-pockets for the week, six more than some other player. He said that one of the keys to keeping Fanny Ponova was short memory.

He said, “You’re going to have some great pitfalls that are going to be missed,” and you’re going to be hit by some bad poles that are going in. I’m moving it truly well, and my eyes were functioning admirably. ”

His best shot, the non-putter division, was probably the 51-degree strip that he made around the trees on the 16th hole, the ball was perfectly curved before hitting the green and rotating in the tape-in range. ۔ Reid could barely see where the ball was hitting, as the intensity of the sun. But, he could understand the acknowledgment of the crowd. In the next hole, Birdie gave him a two-shot cushion coming from above the 18-year-old.

He is the fourth American to win the WGC-Mexico Championship at Red Club de Golf Chapelpick (Dustin Johnson, twice, Phil McClelson). With 550 FedEx-up points to win, he is currently fifth. He not only improved the chances of US representation at the next President’s Cup and Ryder Cup but also at the Tokyo Olympics later this year.

A year prior, he got an opportunity to win yet he shot 73 in the last round to complete T14 Now they are bringing the trophy back to the United States. He thanked Cady, Kessler Karin, for being a part of it.

“I ate a lot of greens,” Reid said of his 10-hole pars from the second to the end of the eleventh. “It simply came to our notice then. Also, seeing each one of those birdies (before which the gathering was being posted by De Chambeo), Kessler figured out how to pull me back and say, ۔ Get the ball on the green. Your father has been working all week, and leave it at that. “

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