Quetta Gladiators vs Islamabad United | Full Highlights | Match 1 20 Feb

Quetta Gladiators vs Islamabad United Full Highlights Match 1 20. People had expectations that there is going to be the first edition inside Pakistan, and after demolishing it, you go up, and then there is a big mistake, and you make a mistake, that mistake is set on that soil.

Quetta Gladiators vs Islamabad United

Quetta Gladiators vs Islamabad United
Quetta Gladiators vs Islamabad United

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Bowling was excellent from the Quetta side of the district; their start was also right, I think going to La Islam and leaving us above Asif Ali Hussain if no one could see Mithun’s coming in 94 balls within 10 years, Ben Cutting Has taken three wickets, apart from that for him is the nephew.

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Match details

Tournament: Pakistan Super League 5, 2020

Venue: Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium,

Quetta Gladiators played their first match opening match of PSL. Islamabad United has been defeated. This Quetta Gladiator was also behind him last year. And this year they have done the same. He defeated them in his first match, and Sarfraz won the toss and decided to bowl again and wanted to achieve the target and was doing what he could last year. They have a great idea to do something.

And he has a lot of confidence. In this match, too, he won the toss and elected to bowl first. And Islamabad United batted first and scored 3 goals. And Hasnain bowled beautifully. Four players were dismissed, and the most important players were dismissed. And he has good fast bowling like he was running and looking excited on the ground. Also Read – Unsold Top 15 players in PSL 6 Draft | All PSL 2020 teams | psl 2020 draft

Quetta Gladiators
Quetta Gladiators

Last year I also talked about Hasnain, who wants to do one thing, and that is to speed up the ball and attack the batsman and play cricket. He has shown in this match. Sarfraz’s captaincy was excellent compared to Shadab’s, and the bowlers he used were very good, and the captaincy seemed to be executing the strategy very well. However, luck has also helped to achieve the goal in the first match.

Won the toss and bowled and later completed the score. Azam Khan, who is the son of Moin Khan, has batted. A lot of people used to talk about him. Yes, he is a little fat. But today his bat is next to the journals, and that’s enough. And be very excited today. Also Read – psl 2020 top bowler | each team’s top batsman & bowlers list in PSL

We understand that the tide of this match has turned. The Quetta Gladiators were in control, but when it came to hammering, Azam could not cope with what Islamabad is after. In this match, David Milan of Islamabad batted very well and also enjoyed the T20 format. And 4 runs faced only 14 balls and showed very strong performances. But the Quetta Gladiator turned all their hopes upside down.

In this match, Faheem Ashraf also scored 20 runs of good batting and faced only 8 balls. Luke Ronchi has always been famous. His call makes runs very fast. He scored 23 runs and faced the balls. This was the batting line of Islamabad United. The target was 5 runs. Maybe 3 runs were a little less. There should have been a target of 2 runs, and then this was to be a fighting match.

We can say that the bowling and fielding captaincy of Quetta Gladiators was good. Anything can be said. In Bose batting, he got a little bit of what he was supposed to do, but he couldn’t do it. Azam Khan gave an outstanding performance. It should fit a little. The potential is visible. But it would be premature to say anything. But I saw that passion in it, and it has potential. Obviously, something will happen. The cricketer is the son of Moin Khan.

Quetta Gladiators vs Islamabad United Full Highlights Match 1 20 Feb
Quetta Gladiators vs Islamabad United Full Highlights Match 1 20 Feb

Nawaz made 23 runs and faced your balls. Cutting Ben Cutting made 22 runs off 12 balls, and Sohail Khan made 2 runs off nine balls. Musa bowled very well. Shadab Khan looked a little slow in this match. Shadab Khan will have to do something. We have to see it. That thing has not been seen. Maybe you have a captain inside you. You know the responsibility. It would be premature to say that he was taking captaincy water pressure, or there was not much focus on bowling. Hamad Butt was also a very valuable bowler. He gave 50 runs in four overs and took one wicket. Everything was looted by Azam Khan and below by Joe Cutting and Nawaz and Imran Khan. Also Read – why cant a batsman be given out LBW if the ball pitches outside leg stump

Looting means good performances. Since then, their statistics have come to light. It was a good match. Barn Islamabad United will have to see how they get to the next one. They are at the start of this tournament. The better the beginning, the longer it lasts, and the lower the pressure. Last year’s champions of Quetta Gladi also appeared in this. 

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