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The sixth edition of the PSL – Pakistan Super League will cover Pakistan and the cricket world from February 20. To support our viewers, pslcricketlive presents selected records that were set during the first four seasons of the PSL in the categories: team and individual, batting, bowling, and field.

The highest amount in one inning was Islamabad United vs. Lahore Qalandars in the 2019 edition. He scored 238/3 in 20 frames.

psl records

In the 2019 edition, Lahore Qalandars recorded the lowest score in PSL history against Peshawar Zalmi. Lahore’s delivery collapsed at a negligible expense of 59 runs.

Team records and individual records

The highest win was from Quetta the Gladiators against the kings of Karachi in the 2018 edition. Karachi received a goal of 181 runs and was defeated in just 113 runs, making him a winning lead of 67 runs
Kamran Akmal has played the most matches, having played 47 matches.

Sarfaraz Ahmed played a total of 43 matches as captain, which is the most matches as captain.
Alim Dar has the honor to judge the most matches. He has judged 43 times.

Batting records

The current PSL record holder is Kamran Akmal from Peshawar Zalmi, who won a total of 1,286 runs in 47 matches he played.
The players with the greatest number of half a century are Kamran Akmal, Babar Azam, and Ahmed Shehzad, each with ninety-fifty.
Most sixes also suffered from Kamran Akmal. During his career in the PSL, he struck 67 sixes.
The record of the strike of most sixes in the overs is jointly carried out:

Umar Akmal vs. Quetta Gladiators in 2016
Sharjil Khan vs. Peshawar Zalmi in 2016
Kevin Petersen vs. Lahore Qalandars in 2017
Kamran vs. Kings of Karachi in 2018
Colin Ingram vs. Quetta Gladiators in 2019
The highest partnership between Babar Azam and Liam Livingstone of 157 races against the Sultans of Multan in 2019. psl records.

psl records average score matches and balls
psl records average score matches and balls

Kamran Akmal is the only batsman to score over 100 points in PSL history. Other batsmen to win hundreds of PSL:
Sharjeel Khan scored 117 against Islamabad United in 2016
Colin Ingram won 127 * against the Quetta Gladiators in 2019
Cameron Delport scored 117 * against Lahore Qalandars in 2019

Bowling Reports

Wahab Riaz from Peshawar Zalmi took the most wickets in the four-year history of the PSL. In 45 matches he played 65 wickets

The best figures in bowling are Ravi Bopara from Kings of Karachi, who in 2016 took 6 wickets for 16 races against Lahore Qalandars.
Most of the 4 wickets in the inning are Hassan Ali. Hassan took a four-year catch three times.
There were six cases when a bowler took 5 (+) wickets in the inning in the PSL. These six cases were:

Umar Gul 6/24 in 2016
Ravi Bopara 6/16 in 2016
Shahin Shah Afridi 5/4 in 2018
Fahim Ashraf 6/19 in 2019
Shahid Afridi 5/7 in 2018
Mohammed Sami 5/8 in 2017
Mohammad Nawaz versus Lahore Qalandars had the best savings in innings in 2018, where he just lost 4 runs in 4 overs with a saving of 1.0 run per over.

Most of the runs missed in the innings by the bowler were represented by Shahin Shah Afridi from Lahore Qalandars, where he missed 62 runs 4 times.
Field Reports

psl records average score matches
psl records average score matches

Kamran Akmal has a record of the dismissal of most bat players with stumps. He fired a total of 39 batsmen for his entire career in the PSL, which includes 30 trapped in the back and 8 stumps.
The largest number of catches was taken by Kieron Pollard. He has a total of 24 catches.

Just as the official anthem of the Pakistan Super League for 2020, Tayyar Heyn, was released, fans reacted stubbornly, and some were disappointed. Criticism even forced one of Asim Azhar’s singers to respond to the reaction via Twitter, which is reproduced below.

The last song with the participation of Arif Lohar, Asim Azhar, Ali Azmat, and Harun Rashid was almost not liked due to the lack of high-quality music and real energy.

To give our viewers the opportunity to evaluate for themselves, pslcricketlive exclusively presents a review and videos of ALL PSL hymns from the 1st of 2016 until the last release. Scroll down, enjoy and decide which one you like the most!

The player who hits the most sixes.

Islamabad United is the number one batsman to hit sixes Islamabad United Asif Ali is۔ Asif Ali has hit 26 sixes in 11 matches. Peshawar Zalmai Karan Plot is in the second position. Kiran Plot has hit 23 sixes in 13 matches. In third place is Shane Watson of Quetta Gladiators. Shane Watson has hit 22 sixes in 12 matches. Peshawar Zalmi’s Kamran Akmal is at number four. Kamran Akmal has hit 18 sixes in 13 matches.

Islamabad United’s Luck Ranki is in the fifth position. Luck Rinki hit 17 sixes in 12 matches which is a good performance. Omar Kamal of Quetta Gladiators is at number six. Omar Kamal played 10 matches and hit 16 sixes. Ingram is the seventh column of Karachi Kings. Colum Ingram played 11 matches and hit 16 sixes.

Liam Wellington of Karachi Kings is in the eighth position. Liam Wellington hit a total of 15 sixes in 11 matches in the PSL. psl records

At number 9 is Islamabad United’s Cameron Dalport. Cameron Dalport hit 13 sixes in 12 matches. No. 10 player is the name of Sohail Akhtar of Lahore Qalandar. Sohail Akhtar hit 12 sixes in 9 matches. Sohail Akhtar has done well for Lahore and Qalandar. Sohail Akhtar is also the captain of the Lahore Qalandar team. Then there is Darren Sammy of Peshawar Zalmai. Darren Sammy hit 11 sixes in 10 matches. You can comment on which of these players you like.

The lowest score of PSL four

The lowest-scoring team in PSL four is Lahore Qalandar. Lahore Qalandar PSL scored only 79 runs.

Most catchers in PSL Four

The highest catcher in PSL four is Karen Polat. Kiran Polat caught 10 catches.

The highest-scoring team in PSL.

The highest-scoring team in PSL is Islamabad United. The team of Islamabad United has scored the highest score of 237 runs so far in the event. It was really a difficult target in just 20 overs.

The highest-scoring player in PSL.

Shane Watson is the highest-scoring player in the PSL. Shane Watson played 299 balls in 12 matches and scored 430 runs which are a good average. Average 43 and Shane Watson’s best score is 91.


Pakistan’s Kamran Akmal is also not far behind in the race to set records. Kamran Akmal performing well in Pakistan Super League. He played 259 balls in 13 matches and scored 357 runs. The average is 27.47 and the best score is 86.

Cameron Delport, an Islamabad United player, played 265 balls in 12 matches and scored 355 runs in the Pakistan Super League. His average is 32.35 and his best score is 117 not out. psl records.
Colling Ingram is representing the Karachi Kings and is a good player. Cooling Ingram played well in the Pakistan Super League, played 11 matches and scored 344 runs off 209 balls with an average of 34.40 and 127 not out.

Imam-ul-Haq is another legendary player of Pakistan who did not lag behind in setting records. You may know that Imam-ul-Haq is the nephew of Pakistan team superstar Patsman Inzamam-ul-Haq. Imam-ul-Haq played 12 matches in the Pakistan Super League and managed to score 341 runs off 262 balls. His average score was 28.41 and his best score was 59.

Babar Azam who is representing Karachi Kings has shown good performance in Pakistan Super League. If we look at the performance of Babar Azam in PSL, Babar Azam has scored 335 runs in 11 matches and 290 balls in Pakistan Super League, this is his only performance in Pakistan Super League four. His average score was 30.41 and his best score was 77.

The Karachi Kings player Liam Livingstone also performed very well in the Pakistan Super League. Playing 11 matches in PSL, he scored 321runs off 246 balls. His average is 32.25 and his score is 82.

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