Psl 2020 budget, Today we will tell you about the earnings from the PSL and its budget. Also, there will be a brief talk on the IPL.

The fans of Pakistan love their domestic Twenty20 league PSL, and so do the people of India like the Indian Premier League IPL. If the two leagues are compared, then IPL is older than PSL. IPL was launched earlier. But the fifth season of the Pakistan Super League GSL Cell is set to begin on February 22, and both tournaments have a huge difference.
If players are interested and do not take part in any tournaments,


it is clear how much the players love the league. The IPL is ranked as the world’s most famous and wealthy Twenty20 league, comprised of top international cricketers from all over the world and performing on their own. PSL 2020 BUDGET.
PSL is doing its best to strengthen its footprint and convince players to travel to Pakistan, with many foreign players coming to PSL5. With everything else in mind, let’s compare the financial numbers of these two leagues.

1. Franchise Cost

In the IPL, these eight teams paid BCCI a $ 723.6 million franchise fee in 2008 to acquire the rights to the respective city-based teams. When the board felt the need for Chennai Super Kings and other organizations for RR, they brought in two new franchisors. Who paid around Rs 16 crore and Rs 11 crore for 2016 and 2017, respectively. PSL 2020 budget.

In the first season of the PSL in 2016, the Pakistan Cricket Board PCB sold the rights of the first five teams for $ 90.4 million in 2015 to the Multan Sultan franchise that was sold for $ 41.5 million in eight years before the third edition in 2018. This is the event. Stay tuned for more details

2. Auction 

He had a purse of 80 million to buy and retain players who joined the team of eight franchisors at the 2018 IPL auction.

PCB, on the other hand, has allowed franchisees to draft a cost of 1.2 million for players, which is about 7.76 crore caps compared to the IPL and PSL.

3. The title sponsor

Smartphone, a famous Chinese company, acquired IPL sponsorship rights in 2016 after bidding 429.7 million INR 2,199 crore over the next five years.

On the contrary, Habib Bank Limited HBL purchased the PSL sponsorship rights in just three million years, ie, .6 million in India in only one year. This is something we’re temporarily telling you about, while the final results may change

4. Media Rights 

After the IPL’s first year, the Board of India submitted for auction of broadcast and digital media rights. And for that, Star India bid the highest for a five-year deal worth $ 16.347 million. And acquired the broadcast rights to this channel. Scroll down to find out more details.

On the other hand, the Pakistan Super League managed to sell domestic and international broadcast rights for only $ 15 million.

In the beginning, it was a great success for the Pakistan Super League PSL team.

This is what we are telling you by comparing the Pakistan Super League and the IPL, and we hope that this article will enhance your knowledge. which team is defending champion for PSL 2020.

This is a massive amount of $ 9 million to distribute as a prize to eight teams in the IPL 2018 season. The champion team will check for four to five million. On the other hand, for Season Three, PSL will provide champion teams with ten million while the total holding on offer is 3.5 million. It may be that the funding for Pakistan Super League has been increased in Season 5.

6. The highest-paid player

Captain Virat Kohli was selected for the Royal Challengers Bangalore squad in the Rs 17 crore team. This ensures that he is the highest-paid player in the IPL. Rajasthan Royals bid 12.5 million for England all-rounder Ben Stokes in the auction.

The highest-paid player in the PSL Season Four is former New Zealander Brandon McCollum. Brandon McCollum was a great player. New Zealand won many matches under its captaincy.

Before the 11th season of the IPL, the BCC formally disclosed that their bank accounted for 31.2 million, i.e., 2017 crore.

After the second season of PSL, PCB, Pakistan Cricket Board said that they had received more than one million dollars. Here is the comparison between IPL and PSL and the profits they have earned



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