Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators ( From karachi Stadium ) Team Players, Batsman, Bowlers

Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators, You are searching for data about the Peshawar Zalmi Squad Cricket Team 2020. At that point, you have conformed to the ideal spot. Here you will discover all updates about Peshawar Zalmi squad, player list, and remote players of Peshawar Zalmi. What’s more, we will put forth a valiant effort to give you; however, much data as could reasonably be expected.

Peshawar Zalmi is in PSL’s incredible Twenty20 cricket crew. It speaks to the city of Peshawar, the capital of KPK. The home ground is the Arbaz Niaz Stadium in Peshawar. Peshawar Zalmi is one of the world’s young blood players. Before, Peshawar Zalmi won the Champion Trophy in PSL 2017. He is presently set to win the PSL Pakistan Super League 5 title. The heroic adherents of Peshawar are high and hopeful about the achievement of their group. The rivalry would be furious between Peshawar Zalmi versus Quetta Gladiators.


Updates for PSL5 About the Peshawar Zalmi Squad, kindly remain with us. All cooperative individuals are named with full profiles and past PSL progress records. Yet, these progressions won’t have any noteworthy effect.

The key players in Peshawar Zalmi will continue as before, and Darien Sammy, as the group skipper, is additionally the Darren Sammy West Indies player who is speaking to Peshawar Zalmi in the PSL. With pslcricketLive, you can download the full rundown of players in PDF design.

Complete team players list.


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Peshawar Zalmi won the PSL 2 title because of good captaincy. Right now, Darren Sammy is head of Peshawar Zalmi. Darren Sammy has a great deal of involvement with the captaincy.

Darren Sammy has spoken to West Endesteam. Darren Sammy is an ideal all-rounder.


Javed Afridi is the proprietor of Peshawar Zalmi. He is the CEO of Hair Pakistan. Presently talk about all the Peshawar Zalmi squads that are taking an interest in the PSL.




peshawar zalmi squad 2020 for psl
peshawar zalmi squad 2020 for psl


Essential Players in Peshawar Zalmi
Key players are the individuals who attempt their best to win, and they have a tremendous task to carry out in progress. And every one of these players makes a substantial effort to win their group. Here is a rundown of key players in Peshawar Zalmi. This rundown of key players is fundamental for PSL5 to show critical advancement in winning this title. These key players incorporate great bowlers, batsmen, defenders. These players have been chosen in the group after a lot of investigation.
  1. Wahab Riaz(Pakistan)
  2. Hasan Ali(Pakistan)
  3. Keiron Pollard (West Indies)
  4. Darren Sammy (West Indies)
  5. Shoaib Malik (Pakistan)

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Peshawar Zalmi has rolled out specific improvements to this PSL Season Five squad. The top 7 players are held in Peshawar Zalmi. These players have a first job in the Peshawar Zalmi squad. Six remote players will participate in the Peshawar Zalmi Team 2020. Darren Sammy held Peshawar as Zalmi’s guide and subtitle. Kamran Akmal, as brand representative West Indies cricketer Caron Pollard is by and by part of the Peshawar Zalmi squad.


The Peshawar Zalmi group will handle this time with a decent soul. Zalmi’s supporters in Peshawar are confident of winning their preferred group. Zalmi’s devotees in Peshawar will make a beeline for the arena to help their group.

Peshawar Zalmi is the official establishment of the Pakistan Super League. In PSL 2020, Peshawar Zalmi finished his squad and reported the title of Peshawar Zalmi for the PSL5. Darren Sammy (a West Indies player) is making a beeline for Peshawar Zalmi right now five. Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators.

List of players on Peshawar Zalmi list

Darren Sammy has spoken to his nation in the West Indies. Darren Sammy has performed well in the entirety of the past PSL seasons, and even the onlookers in PSL2 are on edge to see his exhibitions.

Rundown of players on Peshawar Zalmi list

On December 1, 2020, Zalmai Peshawar concluded its rundown of flawless players and presented the names of seven players to the PCB for PSL 2020 as their held players. These players have been weakened as a result of their excellent execution in the past PSL occasion Peshawar Zalmi versus Quetta Gladiators.

Here is the complete rundown of players to hold.

  1. Keiron Pollard (West Indies)
  2. Darren Sammy (West Indies)
  3. Kamran Akmal (Pakistan)
  4. Imam-Ul-Haq   (Pakistan)
  5. Umar Amin    (Pakistan)
  6. Wahab Riaz    (Pakistan)
  7. Hasan Ali      (Pakistan)

This is a list of Peshawar Zalmi players to be held if you might want to find out about Peshawar Zalmi’s rundown if you don’t mind looking down with the goal that you can comprehend about Peshawar, Zalmi players.

Foreign players from Peshawar Zalmi
Like other PSL groups, Peshawar Zalmi has posted a rundown of his universal players. PSL Draft 2020 subtleties the six outside players in Peshawar Zalmi. These remote players will be huge to the Peshawar Zalmi squad. The last rundown of worldwide players is alongside their past advancement records in the PSL.
  1. Keiron Pollard (West Indies)
  2. Darren Sammy (West Indies)
  3. Tom Banton (England)
  4. Liam Dawson (England)
  5. Liam Livingstone (England)
  6. Dwaine Pretorius (South Africa)

This is a complete rundown of outside players of Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2020. These six universal players are from England (3 players), West Indies (2 players), and South Africa (1 player). Peshawar Zalmi versus Quetta Gladiators۔

Foreign player PSL development records

The universal players talk about in detail the advancement made in the PSL about the exhibitions of these outside players were performed. What’s more, what was his job at the worldwide level in his group’s Win? You can get all the insights concerning your preferred player.


He is a center offer batsman. Liam is a right-gave batsman and right-arm leg breaker/off-turn bowler. With Liam Zindav’s batting and bowling, the England group has won many regular matches. What’s more, their job in winning is crucial.

He was in Karachi Kings squad in PSL 2019, and now in PSL Draft 2020, he was purchased by Peshawar Zalmi.


Dwayne is a South African cricketer and has played for the South Africa International Team. He is an inside and out player. All-rounders now and again act in the double organization, either bowling or batting.

Devine is a right-gave batsman and right-arm medium-quick bowler. He is still in the group because of his fantastic execution. Be that as it may, he will come to Pakistan to join the PSL occasion and perform for the Peshawar Zalmi group.

It previously showed up in PSL 2020. Peshawar Zalmi chose him in the draft PSL of 2020.


Liam Dawson is an English cricketer and has played for the England International group. He is a right-gave batsman and a left-gave moderate bowler. He’s an all-rounder. From 2018 to PSL 2020, he is in the Peshawar Zalmi squad. Peshawar Zalmi’s group has won enough matches in the PSL because of their superb bowling. Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators.


Tom is an English cricketer and played for the England International group. The complete name is Thomas Benton. He is a youthful England player. He initially showed up in PSL 2020 and was bought by Zalmi in Peshawar. His inclusion in Peshawar Zalmi has made the group more grounded.


Darren Sammy is a West Indies cricketer and played for the West Indies International group. She is the screen and subtitle of Peshawar Zalmi. The complete name by Darren Jules Garvey Sammy.

He is a right-gave batsman and a right-arm medium-quick bowler. His job in the group is as a bowler all-rounder. Joining Peshawar Zalmi had fortified the club The first occasion when they showed up in the PSL in 2016 and saw the magnificent play and picked up fame in the Pakistan Super League.


Kieron Pollard is additionally a West Indies cricketer and has played for the West Indies International group. Kieran Pollard’s complete name on Kieran Pollard’s side has won a ton of matches since Kieran Adrian Pollard. Large man, He’s an all-rounder. A right-gave batsman and a right-arm medium-quick bowler.


Here is the complete player rundown of the Peshawar Zalmi group. All player class savvy is here.


  • Kieron Pollard (West Indies, Platinum category)
  • Wahab Riaz (Pakistan, Platinum category)
  • Hasan Ali (Pakistan, Platinum category)
  • Tom Banton (England, Diamond category)
  • Shoaib Malik (Pakistan, Diamond category)
  • Kamran Akmal (Pakistan, Diamond category)
  • Imam-ul-Haq (Pakistan, Gold category)
  • Darren Sammy (West Indies, Gold category)
  • Liam Dawson (England, Gold category)
  • Umar Amin (Pakistan, Silver category)
  • Mohammad Mohsin (Pakistan, Silver category)
  • Rahat Ali (Pakistan, Silver category)
  • Dwaine Pretorius (South Africa, Silver category)
  • Adil Amin (Pakistan, Silver category)
  • Mohammad Amir Khan (Pakistan, Emerging class)
  • Aamir Ali (Pakistan, Emerging category)
  • Liam Livingstone (England, Supplementary type)
  • Haider Ali (Pakistan, Supplementary group)

Peshawar Zalmi vs. Quetta Gladiators


From the beginning of the Pakistan Super League, Zalmi was well-positioned. He is the champion of PSL 2017 due to the excellent performance of the team.

• PSL2016, They were on 3rd position

• PSL2017, Win by 58 runs from Quetta Gladiators

• PSL2018, They were in Final and became Runner up

• PSL2019, They were in Final and became Runner up

• PSL2020, Announced after Final

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