peshawar zalmi squad 2020 | Top 6 danger batsman of Peshawar Zalmi

peshawar zalmi squad 2020, The details of Peshawar Zalmi full squad in Pakistan Super League are as follows. Peshawar Zalmi has paid full attention to his squad this time as before. Peshawar Zalmi has included fully fit players in batting, bowling, and fielding. So that Pakistan can win in the Super League. Peshawar Zalmi has officially announced this after the drafting of PSL.

This time Peshawar Zalmi has included the world’s most experienced players in its squad for PSL 2020. And Peshawar Zalmi has become the most dangerous team in this PSL 2020 event. Peshawar Zalmi has added some big foreign players to its squad to further improve the team’s performance.

peshawar zalmi squad 2020

If you look at the full squad of Peshawar Zalmi, then fast bowler Wahab Riaz has been included in the team. No. 2 Pakistan’s very talented bowler Hassan Ali is also included in the team. West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard at No. 3 is also in Peshawar Zalmi squad.

Wahab Riaz

Hassan Ali

Kieron Pollard

Kamran Akmal

Darren Sammy


Omar Amin

Shoaib Malik’s

Liam Dawson

Rahat Ali

Aamir Khan

Aamir Ali

Liam Livingstone

Haider Ali


peshawar zalmi squad 2020
peshawar zalmi squad 2020 Top 6 danger batsman of Peshawar Zalmi

Wicketkeeper and batsman Kamran Akmal at No. 4, Kamran Akmal has also joined the Peshawar Zalmi team. Kamran Akmal has represented the Pakistan team and has played many international matches. In Pakistan Super League, Peshawar Zalmi will do its best to win this PSL event for the Peshawar Zalmi team.

peshawar zalmi squad
peshawar zalmi squad

At number five will be West Indies player Darren Sammy who has made his place in the hearts of Pakistanis. He is a very experienced player in the West Indies team. His services are very much for the West Indies team and under the supervision of Yen, the West Indies team won many international matches and led his team to victory.

As you know Darren Sammy is very much loved by the people of Pakistan and Darren Sammy also looks at the people of Pakistan with great love and respect. You could say that Pakistan is Darren Sammy’s second home. Peshawar has become part of Zalmai’s team. No. 6 is Imam-ul-Haq. At No. 7, he took Omar Amin who is a good batsman.

peshawar zalmi team squad 2020

Speaking of No. 8, the most dangerous opener and wicket-keeper batsman who is about to make his debut, your favorite and Lahore Qalandar team could not include him. To be able to explain what a great opener, wicket-keeper and batsman he is. For the most dangerous batsman living PSL 2020. Speaking of No. 9, Pakistan cricket team player Shoaib Malik’s name comes up. Shoaib Malik has been included in Peshawar Zalmi’s team this time. Shoaib Malik is a very experienced all-rounder.

Speaking of No. 10, Liam Dawson has also been included in Peshawar Zalmi’s squad. At No. 11, Mohammad Mohsin is named, while at No. 12, Rahat Ali is part of Peshawar Zalmi’s team, which is a great type of fast bowler. Aamir Khan at No. 15 and Aamir Ali at No. 16 have been included in Peshawar Zalmi’s squad. The No. 17 batsman and British batsman Liam Lingstore are now part of the Peshawar Zalmai T20 team. What a great performance he gave for PSL 2020. Haider Ali is Pakistan’s rising batsman at No. 18. yayvo cricket tickets 2021.

Top 6 danger batsman of Peshawar Zalmi

Peshawar Zalmi, a one-time champion in the Pakistan Super League, also has a number of dangerous players for the sixth edition who could make him a Pakistan Super League team for the second time. The report lists the same players who have a strike rate. The list of Peshawar Zalmi’s six most dangerous players in terms of scoring runs is as follows: No. 6 Peshawar Zalmai’s squad has more colors than any other batsman after Kieron Pollard. Shoaib Malik has the honor of making 58 Latif or a child.

Shoaib Malik

Kamran Akmal

Darren Sammy

Kieron Pollard

Shoaib Malik, the most Sufi of any batsman in Zalmai’s current squad, has proved himself to be a useful batsman in the short format by scoring an excellent 37.5 and nine thousand six hundred and fifty-three runs. Shoaib Malik hit 291 sixes in T20 matches. No. 5 Kamran Akmal is the most successful batsman of Pakistan Super League who has scored 5,718 runs from 130 nude 3441 in his overall T20 career. Including unbeaten 150-run innings.

Who can play a key role in the opening overs for Peshawar Zalmai in the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League? Congratulations Darren Sammy Darren Sammy has the honor of scoring 150-1-382 runs, even though Darren Sammy is in T20 format. I’m not in a good mood, but his aggressive batting can turn the tide of a C-team match, which can be estimated from his 140 or so, making the number three-nine class a strike rate of more than 140 to 2460. Has the honor of making 27.3 from the fifth and in which peshawar zalmi squad 2020.

A century and three half-centuries are also included or the doctor could play a key role in Peshawar Zalmai in SL5 for financial loss. Number two is Kieron Pollard. The cricketer has hit 650 sixes in this format which is more than any other player in the fifth edition of Pakistan Super League. The has scored 9966 with a strike rate of one hundred and fifty thousand or four. Who has scored a century and forty-nine percent in The Brown Plot T20, the second most colorful match in the history of T20 cricket after any match in the history of T20 cricket, which helped Peshawar Zalmi win the Pakistan Super League?

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