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Pakistan Super League Coaches, Imad Wasim, is the captain of Karachi Kings. The head coach of Karachi Kings is Dean Jon. Karachi King signs Australia’s Dean Jones as Head Coach: Australia’s Dean Jones has appointed as the new head coach of Karachi In the last four seasons۔ Mikey Arthur served as the coaching coach of Karachi King. But now they have been replaced.

Dean Jones: Karachi king coach 

karachi king coach psl 2020 Mickey Arthur
karachi king coach psl 2020 Mickey Arthur

Multan Sultans coach

Andy Flower

Pakistan Super League Coaches, Multan Sultans appointed Andy Flower as Head Coach for PSL 2020. Great Andy Flower of Zimbabwe. Multan Sultans, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise, has selected the highly experienced Andy Flower as head coach ahead of the next edition. Andy Flower has many services for Zimbabwe. Andy Flower’s brother also played great cricket for Zimbabwe. Andy Flower went on to contribute to the Multan Sultans’ PSL victory.


Pakistan Super League Coaches | Super League Franchises
andy flower multan lions coach psl pakistan super leauge

Lahore Qalandars Coach

Paddy Upton

Paddy Upton is the Coach of Lahore Qalandars in PSL 2020. And organized by Fawad Rana, the buyer of Qatar oils internationally. This team was established in 2015 and yet a part of the Pakistan super league. Paddy Upton age is 51 years old and Born: November 5, 1968.

Pakistan Super League Coaches | Super League Franchises | Cricket
Paddy Upton lahore qalandars coach psl 2020

Peshawar Zalmi PSL 2020 Coach

Former Pakistan Captain Younis Khan is the Batting Coach and Mentor for Peshawar Zalmi in PSL 2020.
Owner Javed Afridi (Haier Pakistan)
OwnerJaved Afridi (Haier Pakistan)
CaptainDarren Sammy
Head CoachMohammad Akram
Batting Coach & MentorYounis Khan

Quetta Gladiators PSL 2020 Coach

The Bugatti Stadium is home to the Quetta Gladiators. Sarfraz Ahmed is the captain of the first season team. Coach of the team is Moin Khan, while Sir Vivian Richards is the team’s batting coach and mentor. Azam Khan is the team manager, and Abdul Razzaq is the assistant coach.

As you know, Moin Khan played cricket for the Pakistan team, and now Moin Khan is coaching Quetta Gladiators in PSL.

PSL springs they send everywhere in Pakistan to celebrate their heroes and hatred has come to Pakistan and just a few hours left and PSL festival will be decorated all the teams in Pakistan is a franchise The preparation for the PSL is almost complete.

They talk about the player who has matured and who has made a little effort to form a commission. The new edition of PSL is Islamabad United Misbah-ul-Haq who is inside the tour of Pakistan. Niger has played Peshawar Zalmai in the last few years and is a player of Sabeel Fuji. He is also a bit of his element in Peshawar Zalmai.

The head coach is also working. He is also the chief selector. He has a lot of responsibilities due to batting and Islamabad United. He has been given responsibilities in Dan Jones Islamabad United and he has gone to Karachi King and here he is definitely red.

The diary must have been taken and see on it how this time Karachi King and his experience give their services and how to extract the performance of Karachi King Karachi King’s team and Islamabad United’s team saw Google seems to have a balance with us Now is not the time for us players to discuss what we have. Misbah has no balance but he was a cricketer and he was very good in the fight against the election of advisors. He has been called back as head coach and Din Johar

The record has been very good in Islamabad United, for this reason, Karachi Banana has given him the responsibility and he will take over the responsibilities of Karachi King. Dean Jones’s experience and how to turn right. People appreciate that both have the best T20.

The coaches will do well. Javed Qafia Finder will be seen here because no matter how many PSLs he has played in the past, Javed has been his head coach and also the director of cricket. His performance is not so outstanding. Every time they make a new statement, they do the next parliament, just as Pleas is upset, so is the nation of the homeland sitting on the head coach, whose relations with the youth and the tyranny within Qalandar are very good. Yes, they will not be touched

They google them or look at it. They don’t look at them like that. Friendship is friendship. They are also maintaining a friendship. Now how do they do their job? How do they produce results so that there will be a lot of pressure on Javed? Try to see how the England team is going and the director of the academy has been there for a long time and Multan Sultan who is there brought him to Andy Flower and we are with him Mushtaq Ahmed and Mushtaq Ahmed, not Multan Sultan Hanif Lal which is the way See where you are because they are checking the two together in the England team. Lahore has a lot of experience. I can’t say anything about the shooter because when it came to England meat, they had a very good one-day cake. There are many more than adults

He has been rescued from Spain by Mohammad Akram with BPSL and Peshawar Zalmi has won once with the result of the stadium and the rest always reach the final as soon as they reach the semi-finals and the big study result and coffee i.e. graph in.

Is good is not bad last year also his result 2018 position for consultation position is also enough I am not so worried about Mohammad Aslam I had to do good it would have been tension but as much pressure is coming on Javid that media is his Above 18 for a long time now what is Lahore Qalandar result produced and Qalandar who is always in the button will be under a lot of pressure, the rest of Moin Khan who is also their last year’s champion T20

The preparations for PSL and this year are very complete and the players are very well versed and the big country is said to use big brains. They are invited to the team combination and how can I be a team? Is making and is also becoming very important ie this disease and instrument Dan Jones Haq present Hindi film Mohammad Akram Mankhaniya Achha in which if you look at one of them which has the best record then he is you.

It can be said that Din Jones, Mohammad Akram, and Moin Khan are the only three children who ran away in fear of such an attempt. The other three who are there will definitely come fully prepared and would like to make the PSL match special. Take our prayers for your team. Let’s be very explosive and have a lot of fun

I will send money in a good way. Nice to do it. Any problem of any kind. I will take a bath. I will not refrain from quoting English from the floor. Our prayers to our guest brother from here on out. Please play and enjoy the apple and say. If MCBI doesn’t bring the Sangakkara C team then MC is also winning at the moment.

Cut in Pakistan. It has come to Pakistan and all these issues are with the Shia sect. Have a cricket festival and take care of yourself. Will like to see my youtube channel, like my Facebook page, share your opinion, a request that I always used to do, I used to do, and I will continue to do, this is life is a little, love, love

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