Pakistan Biggest Cricket Stadium which one Do you know ?

Pakistan Biggest Cricket Stadium, ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has selected Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) executive Ehsan Mani to manage the structure of the country’s biggest cricket soil in the capital.

Thus, Mani met with Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Amir Ali Ahmed on Thursday to review the guidelines for the development of Pakistan’s largest field. The stadium will consist of high-quality high-performance centers Pakistan Biggest Stadium.

Pakistan Biggest Cricket Stadium

The CDA’s Department of Land, Planning, and Development has completed a survey for the stadium. A full report will be submitted to PM Khan by next month. By the permission of the Prime Minister. the stadium will be constructed in collaboration with the citizens and individual divisions.

This is a large move by the PM and we see ahead to performing our role. The PCB is in contact with the CDA to design the development of the Islamabad International Cricket Stadium.

He moreover announced that adjustments have been created to fix up a reservations boundary inside Pindi Cricket Stadium’s early.

Pakistan Biggest Cricket Stadium
Pakistan Biggest Cricket Stadium

Along with the Ring Road coming to Rawalpindi this year, another large-scale development project is coming here. This is read that RDA has accepted the plan of Pakistan’s most extended cricket stadium on an area of ​​1060
farmland among Adiala and Chakri Interchange. The RDA is currently in discussions with the Pakistan Cricket Board and is required to begin in the next section of the year Pakistan Cricket Stadium.

  • National Stadium, Karachi
  • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
  • Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium
  • Arbab Niaz Stadium, Peshawar
  • Bugti Stadium, Quetta

According to a report on January 14, 2021, RDA is planning a state-of-the-art cricket stadium between its Adiala Interchange and Chakri Interchange along Rawalpindi Ring Road and this Biggest Cricket Stadium.

The RDA will give land to the PCB to this uber advancement while the cricket board will wrap up the plan in the RDA will give land to the PCB to this super turn of events while the cricket board will wrap up the arranging and development work. The stadium is the biggest plane in Pakistan with a size of 155,000 spectators.

The stadium will be fully lit by floodlights and will have state-of-the-art systems for holding matches during the rains. Five-star hotels will be set up in the commercial area around the site to keep guests and cricketers in a foolproof safe environment.

If you review the original design of Rawalpindi Ring Road, the surface area among Chakri Interchange and Adiala Interchange has been designated for the Sports Complex plan. The game’s complex structure will cover a cricket stadium, hockey stadium, tennis court, badminton court, and boxing ring Stadium.

Accordingly, a general idea to generate a state-of-the-art games town plan in this demanding sector is started. According to a report, this sports ground is a huge project which will be completed this year and it will be completed in March or April.

This is a huge project and the PCB is doing its best to complete it on time. After the completion of this cricket stadium, it will also have domestic level matches and international matches. And a large number of people are eager to watch the match in this cricket stadium.

Gwadar is the most beautiful coastal city in the world where a new world is inhabited every few kilometers. Some time ago a stadium was inaugurated here and the whole world became obsessed with its beauty but Pakistan still wants to show the world something else.

The country’s largest cricket stadium will be built in Islamabad. The State of the Art Stadium will host a High-Performance Center under the auspices of the PCB, which will also host domestic and international matches at Pakistan.

The Director of Land Planning and Development has completed the survey of potentially available lands in different sectors of Islamabad and a report will be submitted this month after which the project will be completed under Public-Private Partnership. It will be South Asia’s most modern stadium.

It will be a stadium where spectators will not only turn to enjoy its beauty but also enjoy the breathtaking views. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad which is considered a real part of the most delightful urban communities in Pakistan as well as on the planet.

Many tourists come to know that Islamabad is the most beautiful city in the world with a population of two million. Being the biggest city is quite possibly the most multi-ethnic city.

The city has announced as the capital of Pakistan in 1964. Prior to that, Karachi had this status. Islamabad is one of the most wonderful urban communities on the planet. Islamabad has the most noteworthy proficiency rate in Pakistan. Islamabad is viewed as the most evolved city in Pakistan. Islamabad is To recognize the most grow to
build-up city in Pakistan. Islamabad is located at the foot of Margalla, a city whose precedent is not found anywhere else in Pakistan.

When a cricket stadium is built in this city, its splendor will increase even more Cricket Stadium Pakistan.

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