Babar Azam in Psl ( Psl, ODI, Test Carrier ) Video&Images

Babar Azam in Psl, The right-handed top-order batsman is known for his discipline and ethical behavior. Babar Azam stepped into Pakistan’s batting line-up in 2016 and made a long-lasting place in the team with excellent performance and is still performing on the Pakistani side.

One of the proofs of Babar Azam’s excellent performance is that he scored three consecutive century ODIs against the West Indies in the United Arab Emirates, which led to his fame. When Babar Azam was playing a Test match at the Hamilton Cricket Ground, Babar was 22 years old.

Babar Azam psl 2020 pakistan super league
Babar Azam psl 2020 pakistan super league

Babar Azam Stats

Babar Azam was born in Lahore and is the first cousin of Akmal brothers. Babar Azam stepped into the world of tickets at an early age, and Babar Azam’s cricket journey began with the Under-15 World Championship, which was held in 2008. Also, Babar Azam has played 19 World Cups. The first World Cup was open in 2010 and the second in 2012. Where Babar was Pakistan’s highest scorer in ODI. Babar Azam’s followers were delighted with the excellent performance at the World Cup.

Babar Azam Stats About ODI and Test

Babar Azam in Psl ( Psl, ODI, Test Carrier ) Video&Images
Babar Azam in Psl ( Psl, ODI, Test Carrier ) Video&Images

Kamran Akmal said of Babar Azam: We do not have to guide him. He is an experienced player himself. But we will always be with him on cricket the journey and will be supportive. After Domestic Cricket, Babar Azam made his name for the top-scoring before joining the national team in 2015. Zimbabwe home ground in which they played for the first ODI against Zimbabwe and did well in batting.

Babar Azam
Babar Azam

Babar Azam stepped into the Test series after a series of a hat-trick against the West Indies when he was injured when Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq were injured. It was Babar Azam’s fortune.

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If Pakistani batsman Babar Azam is a big player or Indian Virat Kohli, we will tell you about this in detail in this article. Their ideas, their thoughts, we will share with you. And today we will tell you which batsman is performing well at the moment.

In fact, they are both kings of cricket, so it would not be wrong. They are at their peak in the current era and they are both the best batsmen in the world and since the circuit is big, India has a lot of followers. And India also has a big role to play in the ICC. In which they are given importance in terms of commercials.

Virat Kohli is India’s second-biggest star after Tendulkar. And he is leading the team very well. Both have played under-nineteen and both have experience with each other. So the best batsmen are both. There is no doubt that he is the best batsman in the world, his dainka is ringing in the world, who is the specialist at the moment or will he play? Yes, there are fans, they also have a choice. It is true that there may be a slight difference in short selection between the two

And the technique is almost the same for both of them. They have a little bit of superiority over the core drive. It looks like an eagle. There are both, but yes, Babar Azam is in the sense that you see his shorts, the fielders do not get a chance at all. Sometimes the fielders do not even have time to move from their place and the ball crosses the boundary line.

The way this competition is going on at the moment and these two players are considered to be one of their iron in the field of cricket all over the world. In the beginning, there was such a competition
There was a lot of competition between Sachin Tendulkar and Saeed Anwar of Pakistan. Saeed Anwar had a slight advantage in terms of centuries.

From Sachin Tendulkar. Similarly, if you are Virat Kohli, he is also a part of the team and if you can tell the difference between their matches, then Virat Kohli has played some 86 matches in Test matches while Babar Azam is just beginning. He had just played his Test match in 2018 against New Zealand and he has played a total of 28 matches and if you look at ODI cricket, Virat Kohli has played 255 matches so far.

While Babar Azam has participated in 74 matches. Similarly, if you look at T20, Virat Kohli has played 82 matches and Babar Azam has participated in 38 matches. This is a big gap, there is a big difference between the two. Even in the Under-Nineteen, they have been talking to each other.

Most recently, Babar Azam led the Pakistani team. And here he is, Australia is a test for any batsman, so he passed it and all eyes were on him, how does his tour go, so he proved himself, whether he was in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. I keep celebrating. And in the same way, he celebrated here and the pundits of cricket here and he appreciated their car marriage very much.

And I think Babar Azam’s cricket is very high right now and Virat Kohli’s career is coming to an end and he is fit for any player. He needs a big living term. It’s hard work. We have told you the difference in a career in a good way. Seeing that Babar Azam is his current performance, he looks better than before in every match. If he continues at the same pace, he will surely beat Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli at this stage means that Babar Azam was not such a perfect player at that age.

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